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Survey shows 7,000+ potential employees in region

More than 2,000 people over age 18 are planning to enter or re-enter the workforce in Northeastern Colorado. In addition, 1,291 youth are looking for work, and 4,132 people want a different job, for a total of 7,489 potential employees in the six-county region.

See the Regional Profile section of this web site for more information about Northeastern Colorado's Skilled Labor Force.





Sterling is the hub city of the Northeastern Colorado prairie. Interstate 76, as well as Highways 6, 61, and 113 connect Sterling to the surrounding region. Colorado Highway 14, our Main Street, offers an easy westward corridor to the Fort Collins area. The Union Pacific Railroad and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe both service Sterling, and have facilities in our city. DIA and other Denver amenities are an easy 1.5 hour drive. Sterling is so well-connected to the rest of the world, you will find that the trucking and shipping units based in Logan County are in excess of 300. While we are discussing location benefits, it should be noted that Logan County is part of a State-designated Enterprise Zone. Such designation has many beneficial ramifications in the form of tax credits.

In addition to an ideal location, we can also provide an ideal community in which to grow. Sterling can boast the best of both worlds. It's original development as an agricultural community has gifted it with a heritage rich in "small town" atmosphere, with a beautiful downtown area, friendly neighbors, and the feel of a real "community." These ag roots have also produced other things native to the prairie, like a tradition of strong work ethic, and an extraordinarily loyal workforce. The distance of Sterling from the rapid growth of the Front Range has enabled the city to keep these positive qualities, while developing "big city" resources rarely found in a community this si

Logan County Facts
Excellent primary and secondary education, that not only tests well on the basics, but also includes opportunities in the Arts, Music, Vocational Studies, and Athletics.
Unusually diverse Post-Secondary Educational opportunities, geared not only toward two-year traditional students, but also toward community education, non-traditional students, and various vocational programs. The rapidly expanding communications backbone in the area has resulted in many distance learning opportunities.
Health Care
Sterling boasts top-of-the line health facilities, including facilities for dialysis, oncology, and cardiology that until recently were only available on the Front Range.
Community & Recreation
Community support for the Arts, including performance art and music, community theater, and a local passion for public sculpture, especially when it comes to Logan-County artist Bradford Rhea.
Excellent recreational opportunities for any age group. Sterling is near the top of the list in acres of public park per capita on a state level. The community also boasts an indoor pool and recreation center, a booming summer softball program, a public and a private golf course, Drive-in and regular movie theaters, and the North Sterling State Park is just minutes away for boating, swimming, and fishing. Logan County is truly a sportsman's paradise, with world class fishing and small game hunting, particularly dove, quail, and ring-necked pheasant. The sportsman also enjoys Sterling's proximity to Cabala's world headquarters, just 40 minutes away in Sidney, NE.

We hope this information has peaked your interest in our community! The Logan County Economic Development Corp. is dedicated to bringing positive development to our community. We look forward to the opportunity to talk to your company about your goals, and how they fit in Logan County!

For more information about Logan County contact:

Logan County Economic Development Corporation
109 N. Front Street
Sterling, CO 80751
866-522-5070 (toll free)
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