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Survey shows 7,000+ potential employees in region

More than 2,000 people over age 18 are planning to enter or re-enter the workforce in Northeastern Colorado. In addition, 1,291 youth are looking for work, and 4,132 people want a different job, for a total of 7,489 potential employees in the six-county region.

See the Regional Profile section of this web site for more information about Northeastern Colorado's Skilled Labor Force.





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Northeastern Colorado is big enough to hold your dreams but small enough to call home. With everything you need to grow a business and everything you want for a high quality of life, Northeastern Colorado is the perfect location for your company.


Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma counties are the ideal location for a business expansion or relocation. Business and industrial sites are available to accommodate most activities, with excellent transportation access to all of the United States.


Bounded on the north by Interstate 80, Interstate 70 on the south, and with Interstate 76 providing a link to Interstate 25, the region has excsellent interstate truck service. Burlington Northern-Santa Fe and Union Pacific provide rail service throughout the region. These carriers provide interconnections to the West Coast, the Midwest and Gulf Coast markets as well as international markets. The Western part of the region is less than one hourís drive from Denver International Airport, and the Northeastern Regional Airport, located in Akron, is in the geographic center of the region.

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Skilled Labor Force

Northeastern Colorado has a large pool of skilled workers from which new employers could draw, according to a Labor Force Study released by Colorado State University Cooperative Extension and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs in August 2003.

Farm households reported having substantially higher levels of job-related skills than non-farming households, including:

  • Welding
  • Small and large engine repair
  • Computer use
  • Large and small animal care
  • Agriculture/gardening
  • Machining

Farming households reported at least a 25% higher level of management and accounting skills, while customer service is a prominent skill in non-farming households. In summary, workers in Northeast Colorado have a variety of skills that are viable in the general economic marketplace.

Click here to download a study that was done in August 2003 on Labor Force in Northeastern Colorado (pdf).

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Northeastern Jr. College - Sterling, ColoradoThe schools in Northeastern Colorado have excelled in academics and in preparing students for the work force and advanced education. By placing an emphasis on individualized instruction and using advanced technology, small class sizes and rural values, our schools produce dedicated and value-driven graduates.

Morgan Community College in Fort Morgan and Northeastern Junior College in Sterling are fully accredited two-year community colleges and members of the Colorado Community College System. Both offer the first two years of a college degree, occupational programs, classes to upgrade job skills and customized training for businesses. Affordable tuition, small class size, quality instruction and friendly atmosphere make learning at either campus an enjoyable experience. Additionally, both colleges have teleconferencing capabilities and can downlink training programs for business and industry. These colleges also offer distance learning throughout the six-county region.

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Health Care

Northeastern Coloradoís eight hospitals are meeting the many challenges in the health care industry. These medical centers complement traditional services with cutting edge technology. With a large range of specialty clinics, occupational health programs, and other offerings, residents of the region do not need to leave the area to receive up-to-date health care service.



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Business Taxes & Incentives

Coloradoís competitive tax structure is enhanced by incentives. Each of the six counties in Northeastern Colorado is a designated enterprise zone, which offers a variety of tax credits for investment, new employees, research and experimental activities, vacant building rehabilitation and credits for contributions to other qualifying activities within the enterprise zone.

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Climate & Leisure Time

Moderate summers, crisp falls, cool winters and warm springs are the rule in Northeastern Colorado, where residents enjoy about 330 days of sunshine annually. Coloradoís majestic mountains are just a short drive away where you can enjoy ski slopes in the winter and sight-seeing during the warmer months. The Plains of Northeastern Colorado offer abundant recreational opportunities, including a number of parks, lakes, historic trails, and museums. Boating, fishing, golfing, and a variety of wildlife present a number of other leisure time activities. Residents celebrate their heritage and diverse cultures through festivals year-round.

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Business and industry in Northeastern Colorado enjoy some of the lowest energy rates in the country. Special rates may be available from some utilities depending upon the load and energy use characteristics of your business.

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Northeastern Colorado was settled by pioneers who saw the tremendous potential for farming and ranching. The fertile South Platte River Valley, which winds through the heart of the region, sustains this traditional way of life. Agriculture is an important sector of the regionís economy, and many of Northeastern Coloradoís largest employers add value to raw products produced here. Although the regionís economy no longer depends solely on agriculture, other industries enjoy the strong work ethic inherent in the people of Northeastern Colorado, which can be traced to their agricultural roots.

Northeastern Colorado keeps the traditions and values that have made America strong, combined with cutting edge technology plus access to bring your business to the world. Plant your business where it is sure to grow with your dreams…Northeastern Colorado!

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